Scott Lecole - Songwriter / Producer
New Music and Songs...
by S. Lecole
Songwriter / Music Producer / Recording Artist

  New Songs and New Music by Scott Lecole S. Lecole, Here comes the real you, cycles New Songs and New Music by Scott Lecole S. Lecole, here comes the real you, cycles

Songs soon to be released / available

A Dream Come True - Original Composition
Be With You - Original Composition
Long Before You - Original Composition
Cycles - Cover Song (playing now on site)
Victim of Circumstance - Original Composition
Confused - Original Composition
Don't Let Your Will (get in your way) - Original Composition
So Sad - Original Composition
Forever in Faith - Original Composition
Here Comes the Real You - Original Composition
Sound of Silence - Cover Song

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Walk With Me...

A Journey back to the Sea.
Published by Big Blue World Publishing.

New Songs and New Music by Scott Lecole, S. Lecole, cycles, here comes the real you
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